Sep 21, 2022

Whether you’re making unscripted videos as a side-hustle or your full-time hustle, the way you get jobs, the way you do jobs, and the way you get paid is very different now.


Old Way: Develop a local network. Work where you live.

New Way: Develop a broader presence. Find jobs at home & online.


To scale in today’s marketplace you have to adapt, pivot, innovate and rethink your hustle. Here are 10 HUSTLE TIPS to get you started...

  1. Change Your Thinking. Rather than thinking of yourself as a freelancer chasing gigs. See yourself owning a business selling YOU...YOUR skills...& YOUR experience.
  2. Develop A Plan. You’ve got to know your customer and how to reach them. Don’t just focus on the local guy who books you a couple times a year. Start looking for new clients everywhere. Have a SHORT game. And a L-O-N-G-E-R game.
  3. Repeat Business Pays Bills. I learned a long time ago that one-time-only projects will never take me far. Repeat clients are invaluable. Especially if you want to pay rent and put food on the table.
  4. Become A Specialist. Look at your market and find a specific niche. Then own that category. Target businesses that need the higher-end work you want to do. Work that allows you to scale your income!
  5. Get Your Biz Online. Listing your business on freelancer sites means competing with global creatives in a game of “lowest price wins.” Pivot by finding sites that specialize in your particular skills. Become the Big Fish in a Smaller Pond.
  6. Activate Social Media. You already know the power of social media to help you find target customers. So get You & Your Brand out there by posting consistently. Delete all that stupid stuff you posted. Because clients are checking you out.
  7. Buy A Piggy Bank. Chasing checks is no fun. Emailing clients to see when you can expect payment makes you look desperate. So do everything you can to build up a 90-day reserve you can draw on while you wait for payment and new jobs.
  8. Network With Friends. There will be times when work is slow. And other times when you have more work than you can handle. Network with friends to help with the overflow. Book them & ask them to book you. Outsource!
  9. Build A Database. Buy software that allows you to maintain a database of clients. Send them regular updates and press releases. Share your backstory and passion. And don’t let your leads and contacts get cold. Go beyond your Facebook page.
  10. Use Other People’s Money. Need to upgrade gear or pay for rebranding? Try using income from a couple jobs (OPM) to pay for it. Pick up small pieces of gear that will improve quality. Buy big ticket items with bigger jobs.


So, here’s some advice from Management Consultant, Peter Drucker…

If you want to do something new. You have to stop doing something old.


Are you ready for something new?