Nov 08, 2022

Early in my career I discounted my rates a lot. I did it to get jobs so I could buy food and stay alive. My thinking was, if there's money on the table I need to do anything I can to get some or all of that job to pay my rent.

Sounds pretty desperate, right?

Then one day, I asked a friend why his company doesn’t discount their rates.

"Because when people hire us they know our reputation and expect amazing work. If I discount my rates, I don’t have the budget I need to create at that high level. And my clients will be disappointed with the finished product". He said.

"I’d rather refer a client to another company that can do the job for their budget. Then to give a discount and not meet our standards. And their expectations".

What does my friend do instead?

If he really wants to work on a project, but the budget is tight, he'll offer the client sweeteners. Like...I won’t charge you for Travel Time. I'll work a 10-Hour Day vs. an 8-Hour Day. Or for that budget we can produce 2 amazing videos, instead of 3. Simplifying the scope of a project helps him match the client's budget.

Offering sweeteners means his rates aren't diluted. He gets the budget he needs. He's able to create at a high level. And the client won’t come back expecting a discount the next time.

Today, I say yes to projects that challenge me creatively. Offer new opportunities to work with great people. Or open doors to something amazing in the future.

But I don't offer a discount.