Oct 26, 2022

I'll never forget the time I walked into a high-end production company for an interview. I had just left a position producing a nightly talk show in the San Francisco Bay Area. And moved to Sacramento to freelance as a Producer, Director and Writer.


So, I walked in the door. Met the Creative Director. Walked into his conference room. Sat down. And had what I thought was the start to a great interview. This production company specialized in commercials and corporate videos for local business. As well as state government. Two areas where I had experience.

Then I made a BIG mistake.

When the Creative Director asked to see my work. I had nothing to show him. All my reels were at home in a box. Waiting to be edited. and to top it off, I didn’t bring a fresh resumé with me either. My big mistake was thinking my television experience would be enough to get work.

But it wasn’t.

I left the meeting embarrassed and humiliated. But, I had no one else to blame for showing up unprepared. That day I missed an important opportunity to get a job, and connect with a key production company in the community.


It was a hard lesson to learn.


With everything being done online these days. Having an up-to-date resumé you can text or email a client is essential for your success in media. Why? Because your resumé represents your brand. It's sole purpose is to get attention and tell your story.